Change your Drive to a Commute

I don't know if this is something that is in all places yet but in the NW US it's taken on quite well. The one here is also state supported in various ways(donations fuel discounts) but is very cheap in comparison to driving yourself. For US$12.00 a week I can drive two blocks away from home to a heated pickup station(quite loaded actually, like a little club house) and wait 10 minutes for a minivan or bus depending on the number of people and it drops every one off to their respective workplaces. I arrive on time each day, early as a rule the way they setup the routes.

They have weekly and monthly rates, discounts and tax incentives that they are more then glad to fill you in about. Most states offer tax breaks to carpool groups, if you have to to get an emissions test every year. There are also some great rates if your employer is participating in the programs.
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