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how to manage paying off a car

Recently, my husband and I had to do something we hoped we'd never have to do: finance a car.

After MUCH haggling, we got a nice car at a decent interest rate on a 36 month loan. A lot of the cars that they were trying to push on us had 48 month loans, and some even higher. I think we got a pretty good deal.

I read in "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne that the best way to get out of debt WITHOUT succumbing to the "I'm-in-debt" mentality (which often snowballs on you) is to set up an automatic bill pay system and just forget about it.

I set up an automatic bill pay system from a savings account. Yes, you can do that! Open a savings account where you transfer funds on a certain date each month, and let the bill pay itself. All you need to do is remember to transfer the funds.

To learn a better way to make sure the money is always there, read my tip on "how to make sure you ALWAYS make rent".
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