Hedge against inflation and other economic crap with gold & silver

In case you didn't know, the Federal Reserve of the USA has been creating money out of thin air, in astounding proportions for too long, and the whole over-inflated Hindenburg is playing out its final moments in slow motion before our very eyes. If it was just teh Fed doing that it wouldn't be quite so bad, but most other "developed' countries have been following suit, doing what is called 'competitive devaluation' to be able to compete with trade and so on.

This monetary inflation, besides being responsible for massive bubbles , in tech, in shares, in real estate for example, has also caused devaluation of currencies. This is reflected in the rising price of gold (& silver).

This trend is bound to continue. how do I know? History is replete with governments who tried the same scam - printing money to solve mounting problems (mainly exacerbated by printing money). Score: governments 0. It never works for long.

So, what YOU can do is get in ahead of the crowd and stock up on physical gold &/or silver, and thus preserve your buying power in the longer term.

just be sure it's physical. There are a lot of crooks out there.
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