Timeshares aren't worth it

Timeshares are not worth buying.
There are many websites where you can rent a nice timeshare for less than what most owners pay in yearly maintenance fees, taxes and special assessments.
Owners must pay whether they use their timeshare or not. Renters only pay when they use it and for the last few years the renters pay less than the owner's costs.
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#1     Anything is WORTH IT if you purchase at the correct price. if you overpay for a timeshare its not a good deal. I recommend purchasing a used one at a quality resort for between 4-6k for 2 weeks per year. I saved 2k on just a cruise I did for 1 week. I book an ocean hotel this summer and my average cost per night including exchange fees is $90 .. these rent for $240 a night. if you want a quality vacation, consider timeshares.. Fred at Furthers.com
of course you can stay at comfort its for $120 a night but this is not a quality resort and can't even compare to the timeshares out there... I have had one for 12 years.. its been great.. but like anything, if you over pay, your return will take longer to realize.

make sense!
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