Saving money on food

The following are general rules to follow when food shopping.

1. Never shop hungry, you will get cravings which will convince you to buy more.

2. If possible, shop alone. (couples can take turns). This decreases the time spent in the supermarket because you don't have to discuss what to buy which reduces the possibility of 'impulse purchases'. Also, you will never end up saying "okay, let's just get both" like you might if you found yourself arguing with another person over what flavour or brand to get.

3. Write a list, make sure it covers every meal and snack over the week or fortnight.

4. Read information on packaging about 'servings per pack' etc. To ensure you buy what you need and not too little or too much.

5. Avoid doing 'small grocery shopping'. How many times do you plan on going to a store for bread and milk only, yet come out with several bags full of groceries. If you wrote your shopping list properly you shouldn't need anything else. Even perishables like milk have a 10 day shelf life these days, (which leads on to the following rule)

6. Check use by or best before dates. Look for the farthest away date on perishables. The newest stock should be found at/rotated to the back of the shelf, provided that the supermarket staff are doing their job properly. The general rule for supermarket shelf filling is F.I.F.O (First In First Out).

7. Buy the stores own brand. AKA, corporate brands, house brands, home brands, budget brands. These are often the cheapest products in the store yet they are all made under contract by some of the big brands/market leaders.

Also, try to bring your lunch to work to prevent you from going to the nearby cafe and paying a colossal amount of money for something that you could have made 20 of for the same price if you bought the ingredients yourself.
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#21 start right away...
Posté le 25-09-2009 16:18
#22     非常棒~
Posté le 30-04-2010 09:28
#23     like the all tips , Thanx
Je me sers de mon argent pour faire des économies et je me sers de mes économies pour dépenser de l'argent.
Posté le 08-10-2010 14:33
#24     amazing!

Actually i do most of my meals in my work (a large brand of resorts) i save money doing breakfast-lunch or lunch dinner at work! the best part is they only discount about $4 each month of my salary
.: :-/{mArIo}\::.
Posté le 20-11-2010 12:28
#25     Try to prepare a menu for the month, and shop based on youer menu. Also check your pantry to see what items you already have so that you won't duplicate them.
Sharon Williams
Posté le 11-12-2010 05:25
#26     useful one.
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