Pumping Gas Can Save You Money.

When you tank up, there are always the three little hooks on the inside of the pump-handle.

Use the first one.

This will cause the gas to pump slower, but it will create fewer fumes. When gas is pumped it's measured based on volume pumped-only problem with that is, the faster moving pumps create friction that cause the gas to change into a gas(oi! stay with the logic!) these gas fumes then come creeping out of your tank. so you can loose some of your gas before you even start your motor.

pumping in the morning or evening as some have mentioned does infact help as well, just depends on your climate. If its cooler in the mornings pump in the mornings, if you live in the mountains like I do then there are times when the evenings are better. Just chek weather for the low temp of the day to be sure when to pump and KEEP IT SLOW!
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