Getting gas more often will save money!

Fill up your tank when you use a quarter tank. Filling up early like that will save you money that you will actually notice. Why does this work? Well, gas stations have "floating ceilings" in the main tanks to prevent the gasoline from evaporating (which gasoline is really good at, like rubbing alcohol). So fill up when you still have 3 quarters of a tank left, this will decrease the amount of air-space in your gas tank and prevent your money from literally evaporating. This is obviously more prevalent in places of warmer climate. Try it! I save about $12 doing it this way.
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#1     That may be true, but a full tank is also heavier. I have noticed that when I only fill my car to a half tank then run it to almost empty I seem to get 1-2mpg better on average.
Posté le 21-10-2008 15:47

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