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Europeans have become used to flights for under 10 euros with companies like Ryanair ( and EasyJet ( which use secondary and tertiary airports.

In the States Skybus ( also offers $10 seats and for inter-continental flights there are Condor based on Germany (, Zoom Airlines in Canada ( and Oasis Hong Kong in China (

Wikipedia has an updated list of Low cost Airlines:
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#1     I've flown many times with different airlines and I want to contribute with a couple of hints for saving on lowcost flights:

- Book beforehand. Prices tend to increase as it gets closer to the flight date.

- Be careful with the luggage policy. They are very strict on this and they'll charge you extra if your suitcases weights more than the allowed.
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#2     Wikitravel has another list of low cost airlines, with good tips for get low fares:
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