Dining out Cheaply

1. DO YOUR RESEARCH. Trying out the new place that just opened is tempting but you don't want to be disappointed by bad service, or worse yet, bad food. Ask around to see if the food is worth the price.
2. FEED LITTLE KIDS AT HOME. Children are happy when fed and don't like to wait for food. Keep a more pleasant experience by giving them a snack before leaving. Smaller children can share a kids meal or eat from mom and dad's plate.
3. SKIP THE SODA. Drink water, pay a lower bill, less taxes, and spend the money saved on the tip. Unfortunately, tip is a hidden expense.
4. KNOW YOUR WAITER/ESS. Show genuine concern for the waitstaff. If you frequent a place often, it helps to know the name of your server. Ask for them by name and more often than not they will pass some freebies your way. Again, genuine is the key word.
5. USE COUPONS. Restaurants frequently have online deals and coupons. For those that wish to register they usually have some type of special you can use on your birthday.
6. PLAN, PLAN, PLAN. Everyone knows that lunch is cheaper than dinner and weekdays usually cheaper than weekends. Sometimes the easiest tips are those we forget or ignore.
7. ASK FOR A DISCOUNT. If it's raining cats and dogs and no one else is flocking to eat out it's a safe bet that if you ask the manager they will give you some type of special. Even fast food places will give you a deal rather than let the food go bad and be thrown out.
8. EAT THE SALAD. Many places have salad and breadsticks for free. In my extreme budgeting days at college I would fill up on the salad and breadsticks (during lunchtime of course) and take the main course home for dinner (with a few breadsticks still lingering on the table) :-). Two meals for the price of one.
9. YOU DON'T HAVE TO SKIP DESSERT. Out with a bunch of friends? Each person can sample a spoonful (or two)...Savor the flavor and know you haven't blown the bank or your diet. Really craving dessert? Eat at home and go out on a dessert date. Sometimes you just have to indulge, but again, without blowing your budget.
10. DON'T GO OUT TO EAT. Of course you can save money by not going out in the first place, but where's the fun in that? Cook what you can at home and take the rest to go. There's a Chinese food place that sells food by the pound. Do you think I go out to buy a pound of fried rice? Nope. I can eat boiled rice at home for half the cost.
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#1     good ideas
Arun RA
Escrito en 04-03-2010 14:48
#2     what we do sometimes is a small TAKEAWAY, we get 1 or 2 dishes from a THAI or INDIA restaurant and then we make the rice, yogurt, and salad and this is a great way to save time cooking and saving lots of money versus eating out, paying tips etc..... it gives a good variety to our food we eat too since we can't really cook Indian or Thai very well.
Fred at Furthers.com Fine Art Rings
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