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Visa Credit Card or MasterCard Credit Card?

Visa Credit Card or MasterCard Credit Card?
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We are often asked at Credit Card Expert which brand of credit card should I get a MasterCard or a Visa (or even an American Express (AMEX) card.

Visa, MasterCard are payment systems rather than credit cards within themselves and they rely on banks all around the world to issue cards that use their payment system. From this they take a % of the amount charged to retailers to take payments via these cards. In return the retailers get a certain degree of assurance that the goods / services they have sold will be paid for.

American Express are slightly different in that they run their own payment system and issue cards themselves - both charge cards and credit cards.

So which do you choose?

Visa is probably the largest payment network in the world with a claimed 20 million outlets in 150 countries around the world accepting a Visa credit card. Visa is issued by 20,000 banks and there are over 1 billion cards in circulation

MasterCard is fast becoming the number 1 payment system in the world. with 25,000 banks issuing cards and cards being accepted in 210 countries around the world. There are an estimated 22 million locations around the globe where mastercard is accepted.

American Express operate in 130 countries around the world and is one of the most famous names in financial services. It is also the worlds largest travel agency,

So which do you choose? We'll the choice between Visa and MasterCard is easy. Don't. Both visa and MasterCard are widely accepted all around the world and your unlikely to find too many outlets that will accept Visa and not MasterCard. Some british banks give you the option of choosing either and some may only offer a Visa or MasterCard - decide on the values of the card itself - interest rates, cashback etc rather than whether its a Visa or MasterCard.
With American Express its more difficult. Its not a widely accepted as Visa and MasterCard in the UK although the number of outlets are growing. But if you like the products and services offered by Amex then don't feel put off by this. most major shops and restaurants accept the card and if you travel abroad regularly it can be used in most places - especially in the USA.

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#1     This article caught me, and I did some research, looking some evidence, and both of them pay the same interest rates and comissions (at least in my country).
The only difference between both, despite coverage, is the benefits they can give.
Great job Yutsuo and thank you for clearifying this issue.
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