The Hans-Experiment

money is mostly meta-physical. So, how can I bring it more into physical "reality" - besides tracking my spendings?

This tip is from a friend of mine who successfully cured himself of his "money-ignorance". I call it the HANS EXPERIMENT. And this is, how it worked:

He calculates the amount of money he needs / wants to have at hand daily. For instance 10,- or 15,- a day. If you are self employed, you may want to rise this sum to cover all your additional daily expenses i.e. gas, hotel, meals and so on.

Then you get this sum once per week, or once or twice per month, in cash! The trick is to get banknotes like 5 EUR or the equivalent in Dollar (5 or 10 $ bills) no matter how boring it might be to go to the counter, to wait in the row and to ask for change. Finally you will get a (physical) lot of money. This is the first step.

Then you will need two little boxes. First one gets all that cash, you fetch. Then you take out everyday the exact amount you calculated in the beginning. Not more or less. The second box is for what is left in the end of the day.

Have fun experimenting. This one is not meant to SAVE money - despite this will probably happen- it is mostly to change your relationship with money and to give you a chance to reflect, what is happening to your spending habits and even to your "system", when you change these "silly" details. Feel free to send me an email, I am always interested in your experiences. And do not forget to enjoy the experiment. It may be fun - but doesn't have to ...
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