-Need- or -Want-

How do you define your wants and needs? Where do you draw the line between your must have items and your impulse shopping? Well sometimes you can trick yourself into thinking something is a need when it's really just a want.

What made you think of this item?
How much is the item?
Is there a cheaper alternative?
Can you go 30 days without it?
Do you make a special trip for this item?
How often do you use it?

All good questions to ask before you buy something. More often then not you can get into the habit of having something around and just continue buying it.

Split your shopping list into Wants and Needs - You can make those hard choices at the checkout counter faster if you know which items you can do without. How many times have you put back part of dinner only to make another trip back later when you could have put back the soda instead?

I know I want coffee every morning, but I sure do like lunch too. If you can buy Dirt Cheap coffee, wouldn't you rather have the money for lunch instead of taking Ramen each day?

There's quite a few ways to cut costs while doing your shopping, just make sure you keep your wants and needs separate.
Procrastination Takes Time.
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