Local Apartments with Shuttles

A friend of mine recently moved into a local apartment building down the street from me. It's a bit more "luxurious" than mine and one of the features they offer is a free shuttle to/from the train station in the morning.

I would never impose on just going down there and boarding, but my friend offered to ask the driver if it would be alright. The driver agreed that if I was at the pickup location, I could snag a ride!

This was great, not only did it save on time but it saves a bit on gas as well as the mileage on my car!

I would recommend trying this out. Maybe find a friend in a local apartment or even approach the building's doorman/bus driver face to face for some information.

Any bit of savings helps!
Just looking to get things back into some order...ANY order!
Tags: bus,shuttle,apartment,train station
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