Cancel that gym membership!

Lets be honest, 90% of you dont use it ... so cancel it!
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#1     I fully agree with this!!!

And for those who really wants to stay on fit there are several free exercices (running, biking, etc.)
Auf 07-05-2008 15:56 gepostet
#2     well, not true, I'm using it, most of the time, more than 3 times during the week...
Auf 06-06-2008 23:30 gepostet
#3     it is very important for me to go to a club, is doing sport that i'm feeling really fine. It is a Squash Club, special sport for office workers.
Auf 13-06-2008 19:00 gepostet
#4     well.. I do both (free exersices and and paid ones ) running, biking... but the only place where i can do swimming is at the gym, I go to the gym 5 times per week.
Miguel Angel Martinez
Auf 27-06-2008 22:02 gepostet
#5     hehe with the great 6 pac and excellent body tone i got from going to the gym not to mention the socializing and the extra care in my eating habits make the gym the best expense, so anyone who doesn't have a gym membership i suggest you get one. you will get a nicer body, more energy, learn to eat better, socialize with interesting people you proly wouldn't meet otherwise and lets be real here, i pay 150$ a month for my gym, i bet most of you people pay that for your cable service... at least im getting healthier with my choices.
Auf 25-09-2008 22:38 gepostet
#6     your right $150 for cable is about right. Hats off to the healthy guy
Auf 13-01-2010 22:54 gepostet
#7     I watch cable while I'm running or biking at the gym so my gym membership doubles as my cable bill since we don't have cable at home.
Auf 03-01-2011 18:57 gepostet

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