Buy Used Clothing - Save money, the environment, and help local charities

Shopping at thrift stores for clothing is something a lot of people think "only poor people do." Well here's the truth - it's what smart savers do. Visit your local Goodwill, Salvation Army, or other local thrift store and take a good look at the clothing selection available. The clothes may not be the latest fashion trends of the season but if you're not trying to "keep up with the Jones'" then they'll be just fine, and look good to boot.

While you may have to dig through racks full of old ugly sweaters you will be quite surprised what you can find if you put in the effort to regularly visit thrift stores. I have purchased numerous "name brand" pieces of clothing for pennies on the dollar what they would cost new. Not only do I save money, I also feel good knowing I'm both "reducing" and "reusing" by buying local and used.

Many thrift stores are connected with local charities so you will be helping people in your immediate community who need assistance. I should also note that the perception that used clothes are "dirty" or "disgusting" to be mostly untrue. Most stores I've been to wash all clothes before putting them on display. It's always a good idea to wash anything you buy used, and worst case scenario you can take it to the dry cleaner.

A shirt that would cost $50 new can often be found for as little as a dollar. If you've never checked out the local thrift store in your town - now is the time to stop by next time you're in the area. Not only will you save money, resources, and help the local community you may just find yourself hooked on the thrill of finding a great bargain.
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